Presbytery of South Alabama
Presbyterian Church (USA)
Synod of Living Waters

For information from Sheppards and Lapsley and North Alabama Presbyteries,
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   The Disaster Recovery Commission (DRC) of the Presbytery of South Alabama has already responded financially to our sister Presbyteries to our North. The DRC encourages our congregations to respond to the needs of people in both the Presbytery of Sheppards and Lapsley and the Presbytery of North Alabama as they reach out to meet the needs of their communities and their own members.  There are two churches we know of which have suffered damages, Covenant Church in Tuscaloosa and another church in North Alabama Presbytery.

 If it is appropriate for your Session to authorize a special offering to help in responding to the tornado damage, please do so.  We suggest that you could continue this special offering over the next three to four Sundays.  If you do choose to do this, we further suggest that you remit those offerings to our Presbytery office clearly marked as Alabama Tornado Response Funds.  All such funds received by the Presbytery will be forwarded immediately upon receipt to both of the Presbyteries.

Please pray for our Presbyterian brothers and sisters as they reach out to care for those around them whose lives have been devastated.  There will be a time for work teams in the future, but right now this is the best way we can help.


PDA - Assistance for Japan - How to Help

‘When they call to me, I will answer them.’
– Psalm 91:15
Earthquake. Tsunami. Nuclear meltdown. Any one of these disasters could be catastrophic.
Rescue efforts continue in Japan following the March 11 tsunami and earthquake and the growing nuclear crisis. Thousands have been confirmed dead, tens of thousands are missing, and hundreds of thousands have been evacuated.

The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) is responding through Presbyterian Disaster Assistance (PDA) and our ecumenical and mission partners. Already, $100,000 from the One Great Hour of Sharing offering has been sent to provide immediate relief.
While Japan is among the world’s most advanced countries, the damage caused by the unprecedented scale of these multiple disasters is beyond imagination. You can make a difference in bringing God’s healing to this devastated nation, where Presbyterians have been engaged in active mission work since 1859.
What you can do:
GIVE — Financial support for relief efforts wherever disasters occur can be designated to DR000148. Support exclusively for these disasters can be designated to DR000117. Donations may also be made to One Great Hour of Sharing, which supports PDA. Gifts can be made online, by phone at (800) 872-3283, or by mailing a check to: Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), P.O. Box 643700, Pittsburgh, PA 15264-3700.
ACT — Congregations and individuals can put together Gifts of the Heart hygiene kits and baby kits. Stay informed through the PDA website and Rapid Information Network e-mail reports.
PRAY — Join with others in lifting up the people of Japan and those providing aid.